Who Are We Anyway?!

Greetings! Hope you're having a great day! I mean, you've stumbled upon our little blog so you must be having a great time now.....okay, okay, we're joking but also hoping!

We are Eda & Steve, hailing from the little green island known as Ireland. Since we became a couple back in 2013, we had always loved going on local adventures and festivals every year but when we came across some YouTube channels and travel blogs backpacking the world on a budget, we knew we had to try!

We were both working full time minimum wage jobs and had never thought we were able to travel until we discovered other people doing it. It literally changed our lives, finding those people who made content that inspired us to make it happen!

So we worked hard for a few years and saved money and started our own long term adventure in 2017. We jetted off to Thailand first with around 5 thousand euro in our pockets (this was a lot of money for us!) and we managed to visit Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and then spent a whole year in Australia.

We discovered our love for photography, videography and writing while documenting our travels and now we want to try and help inspire others to go on their own adventures!

If we managed to do it, we believe anyone can and we want to help show you how. :)

We hope you stick around and we love interacting with you so please leave us comments!

Peace & love,

Eda & Steve.


About Us

We are Eda & Steve, Irish budget adventurers who love writing and capturing our travels around the world, sharing them through photography, videography and stories! Roam naturally with us!

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